Artisan No. 3 – Justin Smith

Though his visual aesthetic is far from traditional, up-coming milliner Justin Smith revels in the traditional values and techniques of his trade whilst leading millinery into the realms of art and commerce.

Handcrafted his hats may be, but the Royal College of Art graduate has rethought the hat as sculpture, using his handcrafted skills to explore new proportions and unexpected materials.

Although a successful hairdresser, he began designing and making hats in 2000 while studying millinery part-time at night. In 2007 he graduated with an MA in Millinery from London's Royal College of Art, where his graduation show caught the eyes of those that mattered.

His star is rising with industry accolades including the Maria Luisa and i-D styling awards at ITS#6, as well as sponsorship at the Last London Fashion Week.

If you like Stephen Jones, you’ll be surprised by but love Justin Smith.


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