Dumbo Feather - Pass it on..........

I would like to have lunch with Kate Bezar very much. A few thousand miles apart will probably prevent this, but I admire her ( from afar ) greatly. Kate had the courage to set up a unique magazine which is one of my favourites ( there aren't many )It is called Dumbo Feather, pass it on. Silly you may think. Actually it's incredibly smart without being intellectual or ironic. It was in fact a eureka moment when I found it. You must read it. There is nothing like it. Sermon over.

It's actually described as a 'mook' - half magazine, half book and simply tells the stories of five real people doing things they love, really well. They’re delightful tales of their time on the road-less-travelled, the tough times as much as the highs. Have a look at the website here. It's published in Australia but you can subscribe to an online version. It really is incredibly inspirational.There should be a new issue out very soon.
Now I just have to hope that maybe Kate will come to London one day.


thea said...

Hi Cassandra,

I LOVE this post but must confess to being completely biased. I work for Kate, and I have to say that she is most-definitely a beautiful person to have lunch with!! She's a genius, an inspiration and most importantly, genuinely, no bs totally lovely.

Dumbo Feather is life-changing. literally.
Love meeting those who read it...

And oh oh! You should put yourself on THE NEST ( I think...) a beautiful bunch of like-minded dumbofeatherers are there too.


Cassandra said...

Thanks Thea - I heard she has moved back to NZ. I worked in magazine publishing in NZ, so if she ever needs to meet and greet, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Best

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