Artisan No. 5 - Yishav Garbasv

Times are-a changing...... As we squeeze our way out of this recession, so many of our personal priorities are in perpetual adjustment. One of the most challenging will be the physical and emotional need to slow down. Where did zoom, zoom, zoom get us? About 5 years behind where we started it seems.

Slow food, slow living, slow fashion - all are bubbling up in importance . Lets get excited by artists and designers who look backwards, forwards and sideways in their approach and produce work that archives, curates and records the life of a product or idea.
Yisav Garbasv is a photographer who took the need to slow down literally and physically by using a bulky, large-format camera on her latest and emotional project.

In My Mother's Footsteps, is an exploration of the inheritance of memory, as well as a healing process. Garbasz retraced the steps of her mother across Europe during World War Two.

Often travelling on foot over long distances, having such a large camera forced her to stop and spend time at each location, letting the image come to her, opening herself and the lens to what was there. An emotive, inspiring journey that would never have happened without allowing herself to slow down.

Image from www.yishay.com


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