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Brit photographer Mark Borthwick, continues to create beautiful, effusive and emotional work. His retrospective book 'Not in fashion', has some of my favourite images ever. The above, just starts my brain working overtime on how to make a room or home as beautiful as this makes you feel. Well, you'll need the light, and the height, wooden parquet floors, fine linen curtains, and although it's not in the picture I'm sure there is someone playing a guitar and someone making bread. Oh, and the sense of love.
Paint won't get you there, but it might start you on your way...

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sammy and glenn: pacha design said...

hi cassandra,

thanks for the lovely comment about our work that you left on our new blog, glad you like it.
you have a beautiful blog and shop too, and great taste! we love mark borthwick too and not in fashion is a great book.

thanks again,

sammy & glenn

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