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You know we went to Kelmscott Manor on the weekend. It was fantastic and you should try and make it - only ten or so open days. However, this post is not about the house, it's about Mr Morris's philosophy on life. 'If I can' is what he embroidered into his first wall hanging and I have to say, finding this was the highlight of my day there. He had no barriers/borders to what he was. Designer, poet, philosopher, some say Marxist, rallier for the underlying idea of form, beauty and function. He believed you had to be able to physically create your thoughts for them to be valid and real.

Sometimes I find it hard to marry all the different facets of who I am together. After Saturday, I'm going to stop worrying. For me, Haven has been my underlying philosophy for probably my whole life. Creating safe, secure and uplifting environments in which to live is it for me - the thing that - wait for the kiwi term - 'rattles my dags'! And it doesn't matter whether I'm making quilts, teaching, or creating havens for others. That feeling when you visit someone who has created a haven is like no other is it?

If you could, what would you make or be? What makes, or would make your home a haven?

Mine is simple - Ed, books, reminders of my family in NZ, my dog Lily, my cooking pots and cook books, too many vases, lamps, quilts and - most surprisingly to me - Ed's children, which I never thought I'd have, but have fundamentally changed my life for the better.

Oooh - shall we write a book on this? 

The above is Frankie at Kelmscott - She definately can!


Cath said...

Lovely post, you're lucky to have discovered that 'haven' within where you DO stop worrying. I know I do - all the time :)

It's a work in progress, but I'm definitely heading in the right direction [I know this because it FEELS right]. Spending less time worrying about my 'day job', money and the fear of letting that go and focusing on being creative, surrounding myself with the people I love and the things that make me happy.

x Cath

Michelle Brown said...

What would I be? Silky from the Faraway Tree has always been a childhood dream.

What makes my home a haven? Laughter, sunlight, breeze blowing through the window, time for fun and time for tranquility, room to create, hot cups of tea, my family, all healthy and happy.

Cassandra said...

Love your stationary Cath - beautiful work.

Cassandra said...
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