Thought for the week - re!

Now it's sunny, why not revamp an old piece of furniture, change frocks into cushions, turn wooden wine cases into herb planters. Anything you've got (or your family has)lying around, would be lovely to paint or plant up whilst enjoying the sunshine in the garden wouldn't it?

Avoids spending money the nasty sales in Oxford Circus too. It felt like I was at a rock concert this morning (I wasn't there for the sales!)

Make something lovely, go on......


Vintage Simple said...

Yes, yes..! I'm picking up a co-worker's old mantle and the beautiful iron flower work (not sure what that's called) - from an old coal-burning fireplace. She ripped them out in her remodel and I just can't bear to have old things tossed - so I will be getting those... Still not sure how I'll use them for - but I will use them somewhere. That I know. And it will be lovely to me. For sure.


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