Fabric love

Sometimes my fabric arrives in parcels like the above - cotton bag, hand-sewn closed with a red thread and the stamps sewn on too. I could not believe it the first time one of these arrived - talk about emotional! I love the fact that the fabric I use comes from all around the world - Japan, India, France, Eastern Europe, The States, Africa - well just about anywhere where creating beautiful fabric is still important. Even though they come from different cultures, they meld together beautifully.

I personally select every single piece of cloth, and I won't ever give that up, because the joy I have when packages like the above arrive is priceless. Slowly, slowly, I am finding out about these peoples lives, their families, what the weather is doing and what festivals they are celebrating. Little gifts arrive sometimes - a fragment of lace, a tiny piece of special kimono, or a fair bit of African dirt....... It's just so fantastic.
So I guess 'bespoke', one-off (or maybe two-off at a push) is where we stay. I think that will suit us just fine.


Helen in Switzerland said...

Hello Cassandra, I have just discovered your blog - via Jane Brockett - and wanted to tell you that I love it - and I'll be checking back on a regular basis. I love the idea of creating havens - that's what a home is all about isn't it? - and havens within havens.....

Sherri B. said...


Vintage Simple said...

Beautiful. I'd reserve the joy of opening those myself, too!


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