Happiness at home is...

All (read most) of the books back on the shelves, in completely random order. Otherwise, how will you be surprised and delighted when you discover a book you haven't read for awhile.

A freshly waxed table - £30 table, priceless dinners. It's feet look like Lily's paws - not sure what significance this has but we love it. It's not the big table as that is still in storage but we can stretch to eight - rounded corners is the secret!
Ed's chair, with an old/new cushion cover. His anthology from the novel he is writing - um good - um yes. Tin Tin dusted and watching the traffic and a 'dud' lampshade that surprisingly fits in our flat perfectly and on our 70's Spanish lamp. I didn't make it a dud on purpose I promise.....

A few more snipped hydrangeas in the loveliest Scottish vase my dear friend Suz gave me for my birthday this year.

It's sunny, I have a glass of prosecco, Lily is freshly bathed and Ed is reading. It really doesn't take much does it?
Happiness at home indeed.

Have a really lovely and special weekend.


Vintage Simple said...

Home sounds and looks lovely, indeed. And it's true - it doesn't take much, does it?

I see you've been busy this summer. I love the armoire painted in F&B's Railings and the quilt and pillows - and the fact that Ed loves them.

It's so soothing to visit your place, Cassandra. Thank you.


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