These are our favourite things ( for this week! )

We are painting and making and staring at our stuff in Liberty with amazement. I pretended to be a customer to get the staff lowdown.... and then re-arranged the cushions.... I think that's ok...

I love these colours and textures. My hands are covered in paint the colour of clouds, ink and this pot. I have to say there is nothing nicer than an Ercol rocker painted white.

I'm thinking about eiderdowns, and more importantly, why i didn't think about them before.... 

 I'm thinking about the picture of this woman as she is on my inspiration board. Texture and pattern but 'clean'. Yes - I can do that.

And lastly, I'm thinking about this room, because, well - just look at it.
Back to painting........ it's lucky I come from the flat shoe, not that interested in a manicure tribe.


Vintage Simple said...

I love your inspiration photographs. Simply beautiful.


Cassandra said...

Thanks Maria - it's always the colour palette I come back to again and again!

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