Breakspears Haven - the starting point

When I start an interiors project, I always start with a questionnaire. Part fact-finding mission e.g. hate red with a passion, have four kids so need big table - and part emotive analysis. A lot of observation but also a few questions that have nothing at all to do with their physical needs.

The questionnaire for Breakspear's has been different again. It's their home, but only temporarily. They move through it and new people take their place. A little bit like a hotel - but not many hotel's can change your life..... 

It's not about the light fixtures, but it is about the light. It's not about what colour the walls are but it is about how that colour makes them feel. 

Tricky? you bet. So fantastically exciting though.....
We're launching the project officially in the next month or so. I'll be calling for volunteers and shamelessly asking for help from everyone.


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