Quilts I love

There are a lot of quilts I don't like. Many people that I meet when I teach or make them a quilt, think that I am a passionate dyed-in-the-wool-traditional-quilter. It couldn't be further from the truth.

I love the philosophy behind quilts as much (if not more) than the items themselves. I definitely like the historical reason for making quilts. I'm not a big fan of prescribed quilting designs and bundled fabric options. I say, use what you have - old dresses with memories, a special piece of wax cloth you bought in Africa, your nana's old tablecloth and make those precious pieces into a quilt you love.Yes, buy some new fabric from Liberty, but make sure it tells the story of you! Intuitively piece as you go, fear not ripping up skirts or saris. When you are finished, you have a bit of your life and history mapped out in front of you. 

Rather comforting to know that you'll be kept warm by it at night isn't it?

The above quilt is not my own -it's by Alabama Chanin. I don't think they have them anymore, but I'm completely floored by the beauty of this.


Joan said...

This is inspiring to me. I too love quilts but like you they must be personal..you inspire me to take a new path..

Heather F. said...

I love this philosophy! In fact, my husband makes fun of me when I tell him I'm saving torn sheets or old shirts, he thinks I'm a bit of a hoarder, but they do make it more valuable to you. I made him a pillow case for Christmas and I used one of his old shirts, he didn't even recognize it and it makes it that much more dear, especially because he kind of hated the shirt and so it's funny for me to have used it for him. Gotta get my kicks. thanks for the post!

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