Things we love ( this week )

Always good to start the day with a little cry....

Have a look here and just make sure you're ready for it. I think it's the most authentic idea that Anthropologie have had for some time. The Derek Henderson movie is gracious, moving and actually made me want to pack my bags.

Don't even get me started on Donna deMari's ode to her labradors. I still choke up when I think about my own beautiful girl who we lost far too early.

Russell Pinch. Modern, yet classic, hand-made, hand-loved, no tricks, no gimmicks, just very beautiful, very useful pieces of furniture.

Caroline Swift ceramics. I think the picture tells the story....

 My new fabric love - hand-dyed Indigo cloth from Mali. Hand-woven cotton strips are sewn together to make a whole cloth. The whole cloth is then tied or stitched to create a resist, before being dyed in indigo. Still handmade today. Can you imagine the rivers running blue?

Extraordinarily beautiful.


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