100% Design

I will start by saying that 'mass' design exhibitions are not my thing, so going to 100% Design this morning, I wasn't filled with uncontrollable excitement. I was right, it isn't my thing. In my humble opinion, a great deal of over-design, copies and unusable things. I don't get for example, how a laser cut, plastic, 3d carpet is going to perform any useful function.... 

There were two companies who were a cut above. The first is Davey LightingIn their own words, many of their lights are original designs date back to the 1880's. Traditionally made in their UK foundry, they use high quality materials and ensure great quality craftmanship. Although originally manufactured for the marine and other industrial industries, many of these beautiful lights would look happy in a kitchen, office or restaurant.

Have a look at their website here.

David Mellor. I probably don't need to say much, but no other cutlery comes close. Again, artisan made and again in the UK. This time in an award winning building.

3d plastic, die-cut rug anyone?


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