Handmade gifts

Hands up all those who love receiving hand-made gifts! Hands-up who loves making them!!!  Hands-up who feels a little terrified of whether it will be loved or scoffed at!!!!!!!!!

I recently sent my nieces dresses that I'd made out of antique silk saris. It was only when I joked with my sister 'have you checked my stitching?' that she realised they weren't 'purchased'. I was terrified she'd think they weren't good enough. She was quite amazed I'd made them and the girls love them. 

O & F each made their dad a silk scarf for his birthday last month. They did everything - choosing the fabric, cutting, pinning, sewing and hand-stitching. The proud look on their faces was wonderful and Ed was thrilled.

I'm sure we all would love to make things for friends and family, but are just a little nervous of what they'll think - is it good enough, do they understand the thought that's gone into this - will they care!!!!!. Start small - make some jam, or biscuits, or a little cushion. Just remember it's a lovely thing to do and think how happy you'd feel if someone turned up with a cake for you - just because.... We used to do it all the time. Think of what we've lost, but more importantly what we could get back.

For our Breakspears project, I'm going to ask everyone to help me make quilts for every mother and baby in the house - can you imagine receiving a quilt that has been put together by many hands - just for you?

What would you like to make and who are you going to make it for?

Oh and let me know if you'd like to help with the quilts - you don't have to be in London....I have a plan.

Image from Donna Hay - who has wonderful recipes on her site.


Ingrid said...

My hand is up for love making hand made gifts, love receiving them and love to help you with your quilt project.
Let me know :)

anita kumar said...

Ever since I came across your I've been inspired to turn my house into a 'haven'. Would love to help you with your quilts.

Cassandra said...

Hurrah - you're both on my list! Thanks so much

annette said...

I'm still learning this whole quilt thing but would love to pitch in and help if I can for such a great cause!

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