Things we love ( this week )

John Pawson. Which may seem strange as I'm fairly fanatical about textiles and John Pawson isn't. However, whilst planning our new house, I've found many of the images I'm drawn to are his. I seem to need clutter put away and a sense of containment.I will never give up period detail but I need the 'fiddly' messy bits hidden in order for my mind to rest. Maybe a stage I'm going through, but more likely, just as you do with your clothing style, you find your rhythm and your own way of living happily (Dries van Noten, Zambesi, Cos and Gap if you're interested). I'm thrilled that finally there will be an exhibition of his work at the Design Museum. From September 22nd, there will be a full scale installation to enjoy and a special talk with John and Alain de Botton.

Follow the progress here

Copper shades from Tom Dixon. I love metallic anything,and these will just look lovely with a velvet sofa and an antique rug we have. Most of Tom Dixons products are now available online, but I'm much more for sauntering down there myself... 

This should arrive in my letterbox on Friday.

Nigel - we salute you.

Enough said. 


 And finally, this image. Only the Japanese would turn envelopes and paper clips into something so very beautiful. 


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

What a lovely photo of envelopes. There's just something about a touch of rust and a wooden backdrop that does it for me!

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