Brighton beauty

We're in Brighton for the next three weeks, which is lucky and lovely. We are renting a little flat right in the Lanes and if I poke my head out of the floor length windows, I can see the sea in all its glistening loveliness.

Change = rest, although the bleedin internet connection is driving me a bit mad. I can live with it though for the big skies of East Sussex, lovely food markets and people who celebrate the individual. We are definately not in Clapham now Toto! I am ignoring the presence of Primark and are focused on finding unique shops, places and people.

Where ever you live, there is an almost primal need to make it yours. When it's only briefly, some do it with candles. I do it with flowers - living, breathing beauty. I'm not proud they came from the supermarket, but I'm looking for the flower stalls trust me.


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