Tomorrow I launch the Breakspears Haven project. All day today I've been contacting the Press, flagelating myself at the lack of my html skills... and trying to ensure that everything is on THE list. 

And throughout the day I've been thinking about why I'm doing it. Partly to be able to redesign a home of course, but mostly because there are nine young women with nowhere to live and no family to support and surround them. Frightening enough on your own, but they also have to think about a baby. The start of their own family and an opportunity to 'wipe the slate clean', or turn towards or away from something. 

I think any form of family can be what you need, as long as you are happy, healthy, love  and are loved. For me this means adding Stan to ours. I know it's not a standard set up but we all eagerly await his homecoming and for our 'family' to be complete.


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