I love homes - I think that's very clear. But there are three (sub)categories that are my absolute passions (terrible description but have been driving for many,many hours). 

The first - obviously quilts (and by default all textile wonders). 

Then there is paint. I've been pilfering paint charts since Adam was a boy. I constantly find them stuck inside a book or magazine, at the bottom of a hand bag or in a shoe box. I can't and won't stop gazing at them. They are often settled next to me whilst watching the latest Phil & Kirsty, or nestled on the bedside table.... 

I have "laboured" over the selection of colours in this house. 

Taking the colours that I love most (white, black and grey) and applying them with the greatest respect to this 1874 house has been a challenge. Should I have gone with the original chocolate brown, putty et al? I didn't, because in my home, I need the outlines that black gives (we have black doors and radiators), the light that this shade of white bounces around (SAD anyone - I need more light than is probable in a London February. Then grey, because that perfect oyster colour is part Vionnet and part pumice on a NZ beach.

Lastly, but by no means least, ceramics. All food goes on a platter or a bowl here. Sharing and passing around an important ritual in this home. Jugs are used for water, flowers, wine - whatever. All handmade - all with the mark of the maker, and all loved. Many gifts and many more carried back on a plane on my lap. 

We've been dabbling with selling vintage ceramics. It's gone super lovely well. We have sold out. I wondered why and then an email from a store in the States alerted me to the fact that we're in Elle Decoration. Thanks very much. 

 "gone shopping" (with the latest Farrow & Ball chart in my coat pocket)


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