New house - same love

In our new home - our favourite things are still our favourite things - now merged together in a new way that is us and probably still will be in five, ten and twenty years. 

My favourite rickety Georgian table that my mother found for me, Ed's guitar he bought in NZ when we started our life together, his parents 1960's lampbase from their years living in Madrid, my green glass vase - the best birthday present from my sister, Ed's art and finally the bowl from a Ugandan potter that my mother and I found last year. 

So much love and happiness in just one corner of one room.

We bought three beds and two sofas when we moved here, the rest is the culmination of our lives to this point. I think that's what home should be shouldn't it?



Romi and Bob said...

Very stylish, elegant and beautiful. It is good to have things you will love forever. I like the quirky details like the bag on the wall and the suitcase.

annette said...

Thanks for sharing peaks into your home. It's is so lovely and inspiring.

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