Great class

Our last interiors class was fantastic. I love helping people discover what home means to them  and how they want to live. For this class someone was happy to throw out the dining table as the view was more important, someone realised that she wasn't investing at all in her private space and someone understood that no matter what she did to this house, it wasn't going to remedy the fact that she didn't want to live there - house or location.

Creating a home isn't just about cushions and paint - although they are great ways of clarifying what represents you. For example, you will never ever find red walls (or anything red) in my home - never ever. It is difficult for me to switch off at the best of times (which I don't mind) but I operate best when the space around me is light and 'ordered'. 

What was fascinating was the fact that home meant such different things to different people - for some an escape, for some the pivotal socialising point - the chance to be the best hostess ever.

So home - what does it mean to you?


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