Studio Inspiration - Barbara Hepworth

You know when you walk into a gallery, or see a painting, or a studio or a pot and your heart flips? It doesn't happen often and I guess it shouldn't because we all interact to 'art' in different ways. 

I live near Dulwich Park which is just beautiful in its own right. Tucked on a curve on the path is a Barbara Hepworth sculpture. I make sure I walk past it every time we are there and it brings great pleasure.

We were in Cornwall last week, so top of the list was her studio and garden. It was a delight to see my mother break into a frenzy - literally filled up by the plants, and the light and the art. For me it was uplifting, inspiring (an overused word I know, although not as bad as 'love, love, love')and a chance to see another way of living.

A couple more pictures of the studio below (notice the painting that is a most excellent starting point for a quilt.


5ft Inf said...

Isn't it a fantastic place...am in that part of Cornwall a lot and I love it.
Amazingly I picked up one of her prints, a tiny, tiny tear, in a battered frame, in a corner at Emmeaus...It cost me £2!!! It's now a re-framed prized possession in my bedroom!
Lovely photos, by the way...

Cassandra said...

you are so lucky! it was the most fantastic of places. I'm not sure how the pictures came out quite so well but I'm not complaining!

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