Finding a happy place!

We've had two photo shoots at the house in the last two weeks - one for a major Brit newspaper and one for an overseas mag. Stressful yes - distracting - yes. Top tip - don't hand sand floors the day before they are due........

It is a little odd to walk around our home knowing that for now - it is finished. Yes the laundry room needs work and the windows need serious tlc, but for now it is done - all our possessions in the right place for us. The nicest thing about it all is realising where I'm happiest at our place. Firstly - the library. The smaller living room which we decided to use to read, watch movies and if the mood takes us, drink a drink or four. There is a lovely grey chesterfield behind the door which I shared this weekend with both dogs (when a labrador puppy is 30kg this is no mean feat) whilst designing some new products. I'm not good at sticking to the 'studio' for this -  unsurprisingly, better work came out of the library.

The other place - well it's that homemade bench under the apple tree. Getting sunshine just about now - it's a very happy scented corner of the garden.


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