I use the web a lot (probably slightly too much) to see what's happening, new ideas, new exhibitions, artists, photographers and voices.

Two great ideas I discovered this week: A new bi-annual online mag - Kinfolk. A large group of people who love small gatherings, have curated and produced a beautiful magazine on the art of cooking, sharing and enjoying. You can read the online magazine here

It's visually stunning and an even better idea.

Then there is The Makers Project, by Jennifer Causey. She is a fantastic photographer from Brooklyn who gets the most beautiful light and depth into her photographs. In her project she interviews and photographs some of the most interesting and creative people in New York.
It's really exciting seeing these ideas and the quality of work coming from individuals and small groups, in what is meant to be a very difficult time for businesses.

The images above are from three of my favourite creators - Elephant Ceramics, Lena Corwin and Saipua.


made at green view said...

They are both great finds. Thanks for sharing those. I know what you mean about spending too much time browsing the net. I do that too often. Nice to be able to get some inspiration from the other side of the ocean though!

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