Inspiration - birds

When I start a quilt commission, I go in search of inspiration. I don't actually look at fabrics or 'quilting' books, because I think that restricts your creativity and the way in which you 'see'. So I head off to galleries - Miro at the Tate was fabulous, as was the Twombly at Dulwich Picture gallery. I might look at paint swatches or buildings. I might look at gardens and I definitely look at books, just not books on quilting. I have boxes and boxes of tear sheets from magazines,concert programmes and ticket stubs - all of which could trigger something .

For a commission I'm currently working on, I looked at birds. Their colouring is an extraordinary gift from Mother Nature and there is a certain regal quality which totally fits with this client.

I find it's the best way to create the most fantastic and personal ideas, because you're not restricting yourself to what you think you should look at and somehow one's brain produces something completely different (and usually better) than planned.



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