In the Indigo!

Aahh Indigo - how I love thee. Super lovely quilt with fabrics from Liberty, India, Africa and Japan (plus a much loved old denim shirt).

I wish this quilt was mine.......... 


Sujata said...

Gorgeous collection!

Vintage Simple said...


I just saw your beautiful home on design*sponge and had to stop by here and say hello. Because it's been a long time. And I haven't blogged much lately (or at all). But I've thought of you off and on, as we've moved and have been making a new home in our new town.

Some day I hope to come to London and meet you and Ed and the kids in person. I'd love to take one of your quilting classes - and maybe also share a glass of wine in that lovely garden of yours while the boys play guitar... (Bill plays guitar, too. We also have quite the collection. Of guitars, I mean. And a dog.)

Anyway. So lovely to see your home and visit with you a little while today - even if only virtually.


Cassandra said...

Hi Maria

How great to hear from you. I've been checking in to wait for you to resurface! Are you happy in your new home???

Vintage Simple said...

I am - we are!! We didn't move too far - just an hour north or so, to the mountains. A small town called Asheville, in NC. It's actually been a fantastic change for us all. A much better fit all-around. If you ever happen to find yourself in our neck of the woods, do email me.

I will try to get back into blogging and post an update soon. Ah, life just gets busy, and I've been debating blogging vs. not... Anyway. I am sure I'll be back. Eventually. It seems like I always do at some point.

It really was such a lovely surprise to click on d*s and see your home posted - you've, well... created a beautiful haven.

much love,

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