Aaahh - christmas presents. It's December so I'm comfortable talking about it now. I have already planned my own (bar one). This included queuing in the 'Build-a-bear' concession in Hamleys - Regents Street, 3pm, Saturday 3rd December - thoughts on this? I might point out that these were for the dogs and the 007 moves we had to pull were worth it.... All other presents have been far more pleasant - a little commission here, a few lovely books there, a piece of art or two.

I forgot that what I do (that is quilts and classes) would be a nice Christmas present for someone, but now that someone has asked for it, I realised it would indeed be a lovely present.

So you can purchase a voucher for either a quilt or interiors class. 

Or, you can buy a voucher towards a quilt commission. We're printing lovely vouchers now which will be ready in plenty of time for Christmas.

Just get in touch with me for all the details.


Anonymous said...

007 moves pulled into practice? Do tell I have as yet to brave the west end!

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