The upside to miserable weather

Yesterday was indeed a 'poor to very poor' day on the weather front. Drizzly unrelenting rain and cold, without a whiff of sun. I love crashing rain or no rain, but this seems almost impossible to conjure up in southern England. These are the days when I wish I could ignore the need for walking the dogs - I can't as the guilt would overwhelm me for the rest of the day thereby ruining it anyway. So after a rain soaking walk and mud splattered walls and floors were dealt with, I was about a -5.

The upside of this weather, was deciding to stay in the studio for the rest of the day. I got to survey the garden and plan some new plantings whilst working on a new commission.This quilt is full of   fabrics and colours that take me straight back to my childhood.It's going to be a very happy quilt and a very special gift.

Note the envelopes - my top tip when cutting out a whole quilt in one go. This works really well if you aren't planning every piece of fabric. Number the envelopes to match the piece in the design, then strike off on the front, as you cut and stuff. I'm not sure why, but doing this bring immense satisfaction. It's a mystery when cutting and stuffing the envelopes and then a cornucopia of loveliness when you pull them all out again. 

A glass of wine followed by an episode of Masterchef, and the day turned out to be pretty good - maybe even a +5. (even if I had to deal with rain flattened hair all day).


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