It doesn't seem like 15 months, but that's how long we have resided in our house. I use 'reside' and 'house' on purpose. Although beautiful, with all of the important boxes ticked (south facing lovely garden, great kitchen, three bedrooms, the 'wow' factor etc etc), it has never felt like home. Not for Ed, not for I. We have spent months cogitating and ruminating on different options - too many to bore you with, but in all of them we realised we put our individual and fundamental needs last. Ed - a space of his own and light. A childhood spent in boarding school is sure to create those demands and we have foolishly ignored them. For me, privacy, safety and elegance -  and most importantly, something that represents our life and the way we live.

Isn't that the key? Sometimes I think we tick the boxes we think we should instead of being bold and living the way we want.

So we are moving and it feels like a weight has lifted. We have also found the home we want - we both knew the minute we walked in the door. Currently very grim, but with light, space and privacy, and an outline that can be filled in elegantly. 

Wish us luck.



Amanda (Dear Frances) said...

Very elegantly put. I think you may have put your finger on my own complicated feelings about where I reside. Good luck, and congratulations on the new home!

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