Goodbye house, hello home

In a flash - we sold the house and bought a new home. It's much bigger, far grottier and just around the corner. The bones are in place, there's space for a piano and views of the city. A conservatory (currently leaking) to bring in more sun and more walls than we have art - ahem - currently. Everything we already own will come with us and it will be lovely to see where it all lands this time. There are more landings for Darcy to lie down on, and shallower stairs so we don't watch Lily careering down them with our hearts in our mouths (a small dog flying through the air, is not, I repeat not, good for your health). Ed has a 'den' where all the guitars can come out and play and I have an enormous studio at the top of the house. Sounds good to start with. 

I refuse to take my rose tinted glasses off until I absolutely have to deal with - no kitchen, dodgy wiring, holes in walls, a desolate garden, nowhere for the books and half built rooms - did I mention the leaking conservatory?????


Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

Just seen your old house in the April 25 Beautiful Homes. I hope you can share pictures of your new house as the old one was lovely.

Amanda (Dear Frances) said...

Is this the new house? I was wondering if you painted the walls yourself - and if so, what the color is. Looking for something light and neutral without being white or cream, and this is lovely.

Amanda (Dear Frances) said...

I thought I posted this comment already - so apologies for any duplication ... is this the new house? I was wondering if you painted the walls, and if so, what the color is. Looking for something very similar - thank you! The house sounds perfect for your needs, and as long as you keep on those rose tinted glasses, you'll have the motivation and energy to get through the nasty stuff. I have no doubt your house will be timeless, classic, swoon-worthy loveliness from corner to corner.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Louise - I think it may be some time - 2200sqft to sort out - not to mention the garden!

Cassandra said...

Hi Amanda

This is the old house. The paint colour is Little Greene - pale french grey. It's a very beautiful colour indeed!

trills said...

hi cassandra. i am a fan having seen 2 articles about you in making mag and 1in nz your home and garden. love your style and being a quilter and crafter i cant wait for your book. i am 64 and still getting used to mod tech but am finding my new smart phone easier to use so here i am. i will be keeping up with your blogs. loved the old house esp garden studio but new attic sounds good.kitchens, mm. my choice if i was in uk would be secondhand, rustic and eclectic. keep up the good work. cheers from nz, trillsP

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