A lovely event, a free pattern and the chance to make something lovely for someone who needs it...

We’ve all known people who need some comfort – it could be a friend, neighbour or someone you don’t know at all. It’s not often that we know quite how to help them. One way I’ve tried to make a difference is with a quilt that I’ve featured in Quilt Love based on this idea.   It’s a quilt I love and have made for people (and the occasional dog) when I know they need some comfort and warmth.

It can be made from leftover pieces of fabric, a blanket or two and is really easy to make. It’s a great way to use up old clothing, or fabric stashes. With the help of a few friends it can put it together in an afternoon and make a real difference to someone in need.

I’ll be hosting a drop-in ‘making‘ event for everyone to put together quilts and I’d be delighted to invite you and your friends to come along to:

The very lovely Raystitch, Islington,  London - Monday 29th October from 10am-10pm.
If anyone would like to come along they just need to book a space by contacting Raystitch on 020 7704 1060 or

If you can't make it, you can download the pattern free here. Make it, share it with friends, families or colleagues. I hope that you and they will be able to create something together for someone you know (or maybe don't know).

Last but not least, you can also be involved by simply sending some fabric. We need pieces of fabric that are around 33cm wide. Anything you could slip into an envelope would be great. Or you can donate blankets or larger volumes of cloth - just need to get in touch.

All the quilts we make will simply be given to someone in need – someone on the street, someone suffering a loss or someone that just needs to be noticed.

I hope to see some of you on the 29th.


Anonymous said...

What a really lovely thing to do, I will email Ray Stitch and see your there.

Cassandra said...

lovely - see you there and don't forget to bring some scraps!

Anonymous said...

I won't!

Nina said...

Hoping to get there too, what a great idea.

pamela said...

would love to get your book - not available in the us :( love your blog :)

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