Thoughts – Sustainable purchases

We all naturally think about our purchases long and hard now. It doesn’t matter whether you had to initially because of the financial 'difficulty' we are in, because now it seems to come naturally. A little unpleasant all that continual consumption wasn’t it? Think of the pleasure you now have when you do buy something special – how many years ago was it that you felt that?

Luckily there are lots of little companies jumping ahead, thinking about how consumers feel now and creating delightful products that satisfy both our (new) wants and our needs.

Howies has created the Hand-Me-Down project. By creating well-made, well-designed jackets and bags guaranteed to last at least 10 years they hope to share the responsibility of consumption with their customers by encouraging them to hand the items down.
Materials are traditional, organic and chosen for their natural protective qualities. This is to ensure that unnecessary treatments aren’t used, to help the garments last longer and make it easier for them to eventually be recycled.

Numbers are limited and price points reflect the emphasis on quality construction - but the cost should be offset by longevity and the luxury of a clearer conscience.

Take your pick from a jacket or some rather lovely bags.


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