Simple and Honest

I'm craving simple things. Not minimalist at all - but rather simple and warm - traditional, yet forward thinking. Things that are straightforward in their task, aesthetically a little bare, but still a pure and lovely things to behold. I'm cautious to use the word sustainable as there is a whole novella that could be written on the actual meaning of sustainability, and it's not about organic lentils.
Anything I buy I want to keep for a long time now. Most high street stores I don't enjoy. Muji is one I do. Combine Muji with Thonet and you get furnitiure which is indeed form and function.

German design brand Thonet - which has been in existence for over 150 years - has produced a new range of furniture for Muji called Muji manufactured by Thonet.

The bentwood and tubular steel simplified forms launched recently The result? The signature simplicity of Muji meets Thonet’s furniture heritage, creating a product that appeals to a new, younger market (and me..).


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