A home built on Books - Well thank you all so very very much!

Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people and companies, we have collected over 6,000 books to create an inspirational library. At a Home built on Books we’ve received copies everything from the Great Gatsby to Lord of the Rings, to books on Shoe Design, DIY and Paul Smith. The subject matter covers every angle – inspirational, vocational, entertaining, spiritual, heartbreaking, humorous and everything in between.

As well as collecting so many books, one of Centrepoints supporters - Image Source - have already agreed to help by painting the library, putting up shelves and cataloguing them.

But the key thing is that the books are already getting into the hands of the people who need them – the young people at Centrepoint. And if just one book helps one young person to change their life for the better, it’s been worth all the effort.

We’re currently working with Centrepoint on plans for next year’s campaign. But in the meantime, we are looking for regular donations to help us keep the library stocked. If you are able to help us just get in touch
Thank you so very very much.

PS: Somewhere there is a dog in this car - don't worry, not the boot!


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