Home Sweet Home

Homes are often thought of as show homes - places to 'show-off' the It purchases from the It store, sourced by the It designer. Whilst I love interiors mags, I'm generally more interested in the who and the why compared to the what. The intent of many is concerned with how they look, not how they feel. Isn't your home meant to be the very place where your senses can be stimulated and heart protected, rather than a place to display a collection of wares?

The word 'home' is actually derived from the Nordic word 'heima', which translates to a state of well-being as well as the physical place. How you feel when you walk through your front door should in fact be as important to how it looks. Sight, smell, touch, taste and sound all contribute to that (unfortunately ) rare 'aha' feeling when you walk into a home that is 'tuned in'.
Pay attention to and delight in your senses in order to create a way of life and a home that is happy, warm and uplifting, and most importantly one that feels right to you and yours.

Image 1 from Vanity Fair 2009. Image 2 from


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