These are my favourite things Tord Boontje, Rough and Ready yet perfect

It’s been ten years since Tord Boontje unveiled the Rough & Ready collection, although the pieces are still some of my favourite things.

The collection comprises of a chair, table, light, bench and high chair, made from cheap salvaged and easy-to-find wood and recycled materials. The designs are made available to anybody for free by providing blueprints on the Tord Boonte website. Over 30.000 have been distributed to date.

The pieces, as their title suggests, appear rough and ready .They have a sense of incompleteness, and a utilitarian nature, as well as embracing the thought of imperfection as beauty.

If you want to build one of the pieces, simply collect whatever found material you want/like/love and put it together following the simple instructions. A bit of reclaimed oak, an old welsh plaid blanket and some copper wire would make a very lovely chair I think.

Querying what is beauty and what is value is always a good thing, plus you get to make something with your very own hands. Why don’t you download the blueprints today?


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