Cleaning out and starting again

With a move upon us, I suddenly feel overwhelmed by stuff. I thought I was pretty rigid about the whole 'just what you love' scenario, but even I have collected too many things that I don't love. Please excuse my language ahem, but I think I have amassed too many 'bits of shit', right down to clothes in my wardrobe(I am not, repeat, am not a Luella girl). Much stuff has got to go as how else will we be able to  relax and enjoy our new home. Isn't it better to have just the things you love instead of a mass of 'it will do for now'. Our clothes line is a prime example. It is looking at me right now and I can't believe we own it, it's such a thing of hideousness.

The desk I'm sitting at -  umm well, it's Eds, but we have agreed it has no place in Peckham Rye. Ditto the office chair and the sofa. However the table (yes the table), dining chairs and coffee table are all much loved and will make the cut. Of course the books and music and the four guitars and my magazine collection are non-negotiable. The art - well, some of it was bought to fill a space - ta ra to them as this method never, ever works. Ed's boarding school trunk is a stayer and I'm sure will be fought over when we've popped our clogs. The Ikea stools - not so much...... And then of course there is the container at Heathrow... I hope I was ruthless. I'm thinking possibly I wasn't ruthless enough.

I can see our new home. It's precious and lovely and deserves to be lined with beautiful things, not insulted by a very ugly clothes line......


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