For the love of pets....

I have a picture of my mother in my wallet, aged eight, with her first litter of kittens. Currently she has five cats, two dogs and I'm sure there are a few rescue birds in the hot water cupboard (or her pocket). Our skype calls usually involve holding up one pet or another to admire. We were privilaged to always have animals in our lives and as such can't imagine life without them. 

It's a proven fact that pets reduce stress, make you happier and more centred. How often does your mind wander when stroking a cat, or contentedness descend whilst roaming the woods with your dog?

We all love to be loved, but often as we turn into adults there are times where there is a distinct human 'love' gap. We turn our sensors off, or there literally is no-one to adore us. If we had a pet instead, perhaps we wouldn't make some of those 'bad' choices, just because we were lonely.......

I know some of you can't get a pet, but it's nice to think/plan isn't it?


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