Um - how could I forget this!

Not just a favourite for the week of course.. but the new addition to the family - Darcy - or Mr to loved ones. Marvelous and already better behaved than his big sister. 


Sherman Unkefer said...

Your dog is such a cutie!

Lesley said...

Hello — just found your lovely blog and have also visited your shop.
I'm so very happy to see your painted furniture. I love well-painted furniture, but must admit it's total anathema to some people.
I have a great old sideboard (probably 1910s-1920s) that came out of an old pub (I'm in Australia). It's in its original condition, which is a sad, muddy yellow colour that has been 'combed' with varnish to give it a grained effect.
I'd love to paint it and lighten it up — but my friends have threatened to do me harm if I get near it with a brush!

Ritokas said...

Cute! =D

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