These are our favourite things - a veritable assortment

Al the things and people that are a little exciting to me this week..

Book cloth blinds from Marianna Kennedy. A-ma-zing....

Brassica - one of the eleven new colour's from Farrow & Ball.
I'm thinking Front Door....

I saw Gary Allson's work at Origin. His plates are beautiful. Handmade from locally sourced, sustainable timber in Cornwall - you can truly feel the hand of the maker.

Small glass lamps from Emery et Cie. Affordable, hand-made and just beautiful.

A Multi-colored Boro Shikimono: Pieced Cotton Sleeping Mat from Sri threads. Between seeing and posting - it's already sold........ bugger

And last, but by no means least - the latest entry from The Improvised life. One of my favourite daily reads.

As I juggle the renovation budget and the renovations themselves with current commissions and goods for Liberty, I worry. But I shouldn't and won't - especially after lifting 50kg restored radiators into the house. How can a radiator bring such joy?


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