Ed and I both love art. We spent most of the weekend 'negotiating' placement... of our respective pieces. I have a fair stash of NZ art (like the Dick Frizzell above). I bought it and carried it on the plane when I came to be with Ed - kind of my gift to us for the start of our lives together. Now it looks down on the dining table in our new/old kitchen and brings much joy. When I went back to see my family last year, we trekked around looking for other pieces that would mean something to both of us. A couple of landscapes, a piece of maori sculpture and of course pottery. I have to say I'm a little chuffed how all of these very kiwi art looks and more importantly feels, in an 1874 house in Peckham Rye. So now I'm looking for just a few more things....

I would like people to be greeted at the front door with this:

and when they leave, hopefully they will feel a bit of this:

Available here.


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