This is the drawing together of threads
A piecing together of the past and the future
A time to stop and consider where you've been
where you're heading.

Leave the baggage on the platfom
Take only the bare essentials:

a smile, integrity and love.

Ed wrote this to go with a quilt I made for someone quite special.
Inspired and inspiring.


'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

beautiful words
talented pair


Malwina said...

What a wonderful poem! It expresses so well what I love about heirloom quilts...

Cassandra said...

Thanks Linda and Malwina. Ed is a beautiful poet. I keep encouraging him to write more.......

Vintage Simple said...

How beautiful. As always, I am inspired when I visit here.

A good reminder for me as well, as we prepare to move. I love change - I just struggle with the details and logistics that it entails. And that struggle is definitely related to my baggage.

What a good reminder to put it down. Thank you.

much love,

Cassandra said...

Thanks Maria - Ed is such a lovely poet. Don't worry about moving too much. I've moved across the world four times now and it is what it is - painful but with potential! Cassandra x

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