A little inspiration

If I was allowed to, I'd sit all day with pencil, pad and ruler and draw ideas for quilt designs. On Friday, I managed to spend a couple of hours doing just that - happiness indeed. I have all these little sketches in many pocket books, on the back of receipts and even in the back pages of novels. Often inspiration comes from artists (Richard Long on Friday)or nature, or by looking a quilts of old.

It's fairly clear I'm not a fan of contemporary/traditional quilts. I appreciate the skill level required and the preciseness, but I can't see personal expression and the slight 'wabi sabi' needed for me to find it beautiful. 

I love the original, simple and beautiful quilts from Japan, Africa, Gee Bend and Korea for example. Where you can see the hand of the maker and their emotions are expressed through stitching. Bold and modern but very personal.


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