One eye sees, the other feels

The above quote from Paul Klee is a bit of a mantra for me. Seeing without feeling can be fairly point-less and just a little bit disappointing.

Sight is our dominant (and some say our most important) sense and yet isn't it our mind that really sees?

For better or worse,  because we are unique we therefore all ‘see’ the world differently. Without the assistance of our other senses. – smell, touch, taste, hearing, our sight can actually only give us essentially an abstract view of the world – a detached observer as it were. No rush of blood to the head or heart, no desire to touch, nothing...

Our sight is also invariably selective in what it finds beautiful and compelling. Because we are constantly overwhelmed by high volumes of images (a 30 minute walk through Soho this morning was pretty interesting), we may miss the point of a Rothko and be completely unmoved, or find an installation of ceramic butterflies highly emotional. What you find beautiful may mean nothing to your neighbour.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Is that good or bad?

There are a few room images above – which one do you truly see?


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