Living Normally - a moral tale

Don’t get me wrong, I love a well crafted interiors book. It is in fact, physically impossible for me to walk past a book-shop without entering and heading straight for the aforementioned section.
Living Normally is different (in a good way) and is a complete breath of fresh air as well as a very good moral tale.

It is in essence, an anti-style bible for those who ignore makeover culture. The affectionate insight into our everyday homes is a celebration of nice people, the real family and our need to surround ourselves with memories and the curious ephemera of daily existence. 15 very normal people with very ordinary homes are given the opportunity to air their views on life at home today and to let you in to their (very) personal world. Similar to a interior designed home, but without the interior designer and their date stamp.

The result should remind you that home should be a place to relax, escape to, feel happy in and most importantly, live in.


Pia Jane said...

love it! Haven't read it but the concept is great (i'm working on something similar!) - I'll go scout for it soon, thank you for posting about it px

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