A quilt ..

This is what I call the 'random' design template ( working title only!). This was the original design we started with years ago as it was based on traditional quilts of old but seemed really really modern. I had some old kimono fabric my sister brought back from when she lived in Japan and I realised that as it was 30cmish wide, this would be a great way to start putting together big blocks. Then I got hooked on saris, old sheeting, silk scarves etc etc. This particular quilt has Liberty silk, French silk, Japanese silk and a whiff of Indian something. Backed in Fair Trade cotton, with a bamboo wadding and ( laboriously ) hand-bound in hand-dyed silk. A lotta lotta hand-work.

We have seven different design templates, all inspired by the past but relevant for now. One by one will put up and then the website will be a frenzy of colour....


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