Sense - A home away from home

Ed and I stayed here a couple of weekends ago. When you go away for the weekend, so much (for us anyway) is invested in the hope the the place is a lovely and uplifting as we hope. Not just that it's clean, but that you feel rested, inspired, relaxed and happy. The Olde Bell was all of that. Yes it's designed by Ilse Crawford, but apart from her magic interiors wand, there was the great service, food that was perfect (think Nigel Slater), and a lovely room with crisp sheets, solid oak furniture and Aesop. Add to that the beautiful village itself, the river we walked along, a sunny day and finally, the fact that we could take Lily, and well, it was perfect.

Ed grabbed these two seats, and we sat, the three of us reading books and drinking wine (Lily just sat.... ), whilst Ed tended the fire..... oh for about six hours.

One night in a place like this, made us happy - and that's all you can really ask from a hotel isn't it.


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