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"Taste is a feeling that makes all the difference between what is beautiful and what is merely showy – and also what is ugly!” the couturier Madeleine Vionnet once said.

Vionnet, lauded as the the “couturier of couturiers”, is being honoured with an exhibition at Les Arts D√©coratifs in Paris, which spans her work from the setting up of her house in 1912 to the peak of her creativity in the late 30's.

The show is a visual delight, showing Vionnet’s mastery of sinuous line, proportion and, above all, how to dress the liberated and dynamic female body. Her use of the bias cut, purist geometry and essentialist viewpoint made her one of the most celebrated couturiers of her day, and one of the most influential.

In October the house was relaunched, with a new designer at the helm, ex-Prada designer Roldolfo Paglialunga. With new funding, one hopes that her skill and beauty in design can be re-ignited.
This is not an exhibition for just the fashion lovers amongst you. Her ability to create beautiful garments from a single seam or just two circles will challenge and delight you.

It's only a little trip to Paris after all and its on until 31st January 2010.

Beside myself excited......


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