Now why didn't I think of that?


A recent chat with a friend, led to an aha! moment. She said 'God I love your quilts, but I have shameless amounts of fabric at home that I keep promising myself to turn into a quilt, but..... time etc etc' So I thought, why don't you just hand that lot over (including you granny's 1930's tea dress you love so much), and I'll make it into a beautiful contemporary quilt for you?
So she said 'Could you make it based on this design?'

I said  'of course', so she said 'Hurrah!'
So a new service is born...

We all have special dresses, collections of fabric or treasured childrens clothes. Working within one of our designs (or a mix-up), we'll meet up and have a chat, or talk over the phone or email about what it is you want and how we can make something precious and personal for you. A quilt for a new baby, a upcoming binding of two, or a new start perhaps?

The cost includes preparing the fabric, cutting, piecing, quilting and binding, as well as providing the fluffy stuff in the middle. The chatter, my baking and cups of tea - we'll that's just part of who we are.

Click over to here,to get all the details with pricing etc.

I'm very excited about this, I can't tell you!


abby try again said...

You left a very nice comment on my blog this morning and I popped by your site because I wasn't quite sure who you were and oh owowwowoo!
Your creations are beyond gorgeous! Seriously-this site is very, very beautiful. I can't wait to go explore it all. Thank you for your comment and hope you have a lovely weekend.

Vintage Simple said...

I love it - the concept, the sentiment behind it... It is all so lovely..!

Hurrah! is right. Congratulations on your new venture!


pia said...

love love love love - I can't say it enough. Such a great idea, I am so thrilled for you! And I must tell everyone I know. x

Relyn said...

Now this sounds like heaven to me. A blessing for both of you and a wonderful quilt she gets to keep forever. Lucky her. Lucky you.

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