So, a little more on stools

The reason stools were on my mind in the first place was because of the below two beauties. How I managed to miss them out I have no idea..

Russell Pinch - well everything he makes is pretty astounding and I hope, will not become faddish or 'now', but behave a lot more like an Eileen Gray.

Seating for Eating by Ilse Crawford - well everything she makes has an ethos. Stools mean more bums around the table, more gathering, talking and eating, and that is all there really is, isn't there?

Enough stools.....


MB said...


Cool blog!

Thanks for posting the info about Kempton Market on Interior Divine. I look forward to checking it out!

Henry said...

Amazing design!! Spacify offers some of the most elegant and stylish Counter Stools for your kitchen.

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