A bath, a bath, a kingdom for my bath (and a glass of delicious pinot gris)


Besides making quilts,getting ready for a show and a new class to teach, I'm helping set up the new Anthropologie store in Chelsea, London. A short cycle ride from home and a very early start - these are actually good things in my book.

Today - sewing, painting, sanding and sourcing props in Spitalfields - nothing more can be said.......

Tonight - new designs for a show that is 2 1/2 weeks away.

Wine anyone? 


Ingrid said...

I would love to relax in a bath like that with glass of wine.
Beautiful image.
How exciting a second Anthropologie in London - wish it was just down the road from me.
Maybe one day!

Vintage Simple said...

I'm up for a glass of wine - too bad we live so far from one another..! Your day sounds deliciously busy with wonderful projects and inspiration everywhere, Cassandra. Congratulations, dear!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bathroom pic...I wish it was mine. As for the pinot gris...yes please!

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